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Blu diamond....

Are natural blue diamonds rare?

In the diamond world, there is a common saying that most jewelry designers never encounter natural blue diamonds throughout their lives. Its message is loud and clear - natural blue diamonds are very rare, even for those who work in the profession.

The rarity of natural blue diamonds compared to the other natural diamonds in the market is undisputed. Indeed, of the 12-14 million carats of diamonds polished annually, only a meager 0.01% of them will be fancy colored diamonds, and about 80% of that tiny fraction are yellow or brown diamonds with a high percentage of gray or black diamonds as well. Blue diamonds, along with pinkredorangepurple and green diamonds are considered the rarest and most sought after in the world. Some might say the demand for these diamonds is inversely proportional to their number in the market, and the rarer they get, the higher the demand for them.